Mary was badly burned in a house fire as an infant. Twenty years later, she lives with the scars of the horrifying event. Dermatologist Dr. Jill Waibel performs the Lumenis laser treatment on Mary.

Dr Benji Dhillon – PHI Clinic, Harley Street

In my eyes the UltraPulse CO2 offers me the ability to provide a gold standard resurfacing treatment for my patients. It also serves as a unique tool to treat facial scarring as well as make functional improvements to those with burns scars.

Professor Alina Fratila

The UltraPulse causes less erythema than other systems and provides a better tightening effect. My patients keep coming in the last 22 years and bring their families and friends.

Dr. Francesca de Angelis

As a plastic surgeon, the AcuPulse CO2 laser is perfect for me since I can offer effective treatment of scars. Many patients come to me because I treat with both CO2 and ResurFX lasers soon after surgical procedures. They are confident they won’t have scars, and they don’t.

Dr. Gerd Kautz

For years we believed nothing could be done for heavy traumatic scars, but seeing them now with such improved mobility and texture after treatment with the UltraPulse is the happiest thing a doctor could wish for.

Dr. Gerd Kautz

With only 1 treatment I see a big change in acne scars and results on both hypertrophic and hypotrophic scars are unbelievable with the UltraPulse.