London, UK

Lightsheer, The Truth – London, UK It really works! I was promised 85-95{aea2b696391fa39cb967d30fcd6aba4dbca06caf6246edcd5037966107a3d780} reduction after 6-8 treatments. Six years later I have next to nothing. A few thin hairs that are really slow to grow. My results have been best where the hair was thicker. A few tips… When the treatment worked for me, my skin was always very red after, the thicker hairs jumped out of the skin, I could smell burning hair. I saw amazing results Evan after the first treatment. They fell out about 3 weeks later. I tried IPL before the Lightsheer & saw little to no difference. If you don’t see the above reactions after the first treatment, walk away. The only reason I can think it might not work for some people is that the person doing it does not have the settings right. I saw a nurse in London Covent garden uk who was really experienced. Best money ever spent!

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